We always have an open ear for our horseradish farmers and a watchful eye on the fields. We support farmers in word and deed - from the cultivation periods in the Spring and Fall to the storage of seedlings, from plant observation to the application of mineral fertilisers, from irrigation to harvest. Our farmers have access to our professional consultancy services year-round. We provide documentation services for them and develop and procure relevant specialised information. We support progressive ideas. We were the first Hungarian horseradish

commercial enterprise to introduce the labelling of individual sacks to guarantee tracebility of smallest batches.

Cold storage

Our cooling warehouses are equipped with the most modern electrical temperature controls that guarantee a constant temperature and save data electronically, which can then be retrieved at any time. This puts us in a position to supply fresh horseradish year-round.


Our goal is to always live up to our customers'

wishes and expectations and to do so at the highest level. Due to the growing demand for horseradish and the thereby occurring need to produce the highest possible yield and to provide for stability, we are constantly investing in research.


In co-operation with agro-engineers we perform research to develop new, disease-resistant and high-quality varieties of extraordinary form and structure. We also perform soil analyses to improve yield and quality.